We have been inundated with requests to produce more masks and after much consideration, we decided to make more. We wanted to explain our stance on this decision.

In such a difficult time, we are faced with wanting to help those around us but challenged with the reality of operating a business and not being seen as opportunist.

With the vast majority of people needing to wear masks as of now, there becomes a question of accessibility. Like most others not in the mask business, but trying to simultaneously help and keep their business's wheels turning, the amount we're charging (Ten bucks) covers the cost of making the masks and keeping the wheels of life greased.

We're looking forward to not needing to make these very soon. We will be back to our normal programming soon.

- 100% breathable cotton

- Hand washable

- Handcrafted in California

- All sales final, no returns or exchanges

- 10% of profits donated to animal rescue & shelters

NOTE: These are non medical. Use it just as a precaution.